Ionizo CWI-1800 Fimgertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Ionizo CWI-1800 Fimgertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Product Code: Ionizo CWI-1800
  • HK$98.00


HD color OLED display, easy to read
8 second reading of acceleration sensor
With function switch, automatic shutdown after 8 seconds when no finger is inserted
Optical finger sensor design for instant, continuous blood oxygen and pulse monitoring
One-button switch, easy to operate, suitable for the elderly
Ergonomically designed to fit all finger sizes
CE SGS safety certification


How to use:
The blood oxygen machine is clamped at the end of the finger for measurement (usually avoiding the pinky finger), and the displayed value will have two
The first one is PR (Pulse rate)
Its meaning is heartbeat per minute, and the normal adult value is 60-100 beats per minute
The second is SpO2
That is, the oxygen concentration in the blood must be kept above 95%
It usually takes 20-30 seconds for the screen to display the value
Power requirements: 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries


*When the blood oxygen machine cannot display the value, you can first rub the end of the measured finger to increase blood circulation, and then measure again

*The index is for reference only, if you have any physical problems, it is recommended to seek medical advice as soon as possible


Size:Height 31 mm X Width 36 mm X Depth 62 mm

Maintenance Period:6 month

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