Taiwan Dato Walk Cool - Personal Evaporative Portable Air Cooler

  • Taiwan Dato Walk Cool - Personal Evaporative Portable Air Cooler
  • Product Code: Dato WalkCool
  • HK$368.00


Personal Evaporative Portable Air Cooler 

Green energy: To commit to earth protection and save your money

No Leaking: Unique design to prevent leakage

Cooling: High efficiency evaporative cooling technology

Portable: Light weighted and portable

Special design without leakage

Smart water supply, no leakage*.

*Note: The middle layer of the thank cap contains a polymer breathable file which has good ventilation effect. The film can prevent a large amount of water from infiltrating, but there may still be a very small amount of water droplets.

Innovative nano-material inside

The cartridge filter inside the Walk Cool constructed with a special and natural evaporative nano-materials that makes no harm to the state of the environment.

The special honeycomb pattern provides highly intense evaporation from even a small surface. That allows to make Walk Cool compact and yet powerful.

Not only the evaporative nano-material but also the sensor embedded for co-operating with the special system.


filters out dust, allergens and pollen particles, which benefits your easy breathing and health.


lie in the arms of your family and enjoys the free and relax sleep


natural evaporative cooling air for your personal working, sleeping, and traveling area.

Nanosilver ion | Ag+

Silver ion | Ag+ inside the water tank to have the attack effect on various bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi.



Cooling capacity: up to 1200 BTU/hr

Cooling square: 2-3㎡

Noise level: 50 dB


Voltage: 5 V

Running Current: 1 A

Micro-USB plug 5V 1A

Power supply: power bank, adapter or laptop


Dimension(WxHxD) : 151 x 145 x 136 mm

Weight: 680g (without water)

Water tank capacity: 200 ml


Water Tank refill cycle: 3-3.5 hours

Cartridge Replacement period : 3 months


Airflow Direction Control: Manual

Air Deflection Control: 2-Way

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