Verbatim 5 Ports Travel Adaptor

  •  Verbatim 5 Ports Travel Adaptor
  • Brand: Verbatim
  • Product Code: Verbatim 5 Ports Travel Adaptor
  • HK$198.00


Available Options

With 4 built-in international adapters

It is a retractable plug design to provide built-in 4 international adapters including EU, UK, US & AU.  It can allow users to travel more than 150 countries around the world.

With full voltage of AC universal socket

It supports all AC plugs*, including MacBook Pro & Switch original charger. It can be used as a universal adaptor.

With Smart Charging technology

It has 1 Type C port and 4 USB ports. With smart charging technology, it automatically detects device's specification and optimizes charging current.

Built-in spare 8A fuse to provide extra protection

If the current overloads, the fuse will automatically cut off to ensure the safety of users and appliances. There is a spare 8A fuse for immediate replacement to provide extra protection.

Supplied with pouch for storage

The pouch can be used for storage, which can protect the charger not to be scratched and to be portable easily.

Multi-national safety certificates and 4 Protection Systems

It has gained IEC60950 (HK EMSD), FCC (U.S.), CE (EU), E1703 (Australia) certificates. It also acquired Global Product Liability Insurance. It is designed with anti-over current, anti-overheating, anti-short circuit and anti-overvoltage protection. Therefore, the quality and stability are ensured.


Dimension : 73.1 x 53.4 x 52.8 mm

Net Weight : 145g

Input : 100-240V/50-60Hz/0.8A

DC Total Output : 5V/5.6A Max

USB Normal Output : 4x2.4A Max

Type C Normal Output : 5V/3A Max

AC Max. Power : 110V – 880W; 230V – 1840W

Fuse Rating: 8A Max

Warranty: 1-year

*Do not use with devices demanding power over 880W at AC110V or 1840W at AC230V. 

Remarks:  UK pin has been sealed according to the HK regulation.

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